Marine & Bird Life


Amazing collection of marine and bird life.

Every morning at 8am we leave the Luderitz Harbour and make our way to Halifax Island where we stop and have a look at the African/Jackass Penguins. Every Morning is different and special. We have such an amazing collection of marine and bird life to look at and capture. From the Cape Fur Seal to the white-breasted Cormorant and plenty more. Most mornings the Heaviside Dolphins decide to join us and be playful around the catamaran.Be sure to never leave disappointed.



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Local Festivities

What a wonderful end to 2017 as the Luderitz Locals come together for a trip on the PENGUIN

Penguin - Jason the oyster chuckermore oysterscrayfishpenguin watchingpenguin watching 2Penguin alongside

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Maiden Voyage

Catamaran_logo_borderAhoy passengers, welcome to the Penguin Catamaran Tours website. Here you will find updates and photos from recent trips and special tours on the Penguin Catamaran. Looking for something to do in Luderitz while in town? Have a birthday coming up? Contact us to arrange special tours.

This is your captain signing off from the wheelhouse, until we meet, just keep sailing!

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